ALL SONGS– Written and Produced by CHRIS BENTLEY

Co-Production by Don Chaffin

CHRIS BENTLEY- Lead & Background Vocals, Rhythm and lead guitars, Bass, Keyboards and Piano


GINA DONADIO- Background Vocals

Master of Mixology:  Don Chaffin

Recording Engineers:  Don Chaffin and Gina Donadio

Recorded at: DCITY STUDIOS     www.dcitystudios.com

Contact Info: CHRIS BENTLEY    info@chrisbentley.com

Photos of Chris Bentley by Patricia McDuffee Photography

Cover Photo and Artistic Inspiration by Alex Gardega

CD Art Compilation and Creation by Gina Donadio

GRAND DESIGN is dedicated to my late Aunt, Roberta HOPE Wendel.

**Supreme Gratitude to my entire family for their tireless support**

Special thanks to the Griffith Family, especially Peter and Matt